Upper Chesapeake Outfitters

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Upper Chesapeake Outfitters

"Gunning the Entire Bay"

The Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland is the wintering grounds for many different species of waterfowl. The upper bay or the flats are known to hold hundreds and thousands of canvasbacks, blue bills, puddle ducks and geese. The further south you travel on the bay the target species transforms from puddle ducks and divers into sea ducks such as scoters and oldsquaw.

At Upper Chesapeake Outfitters we are not confined to one area of the bay. We may body boot the flats of the Susquehanna River one day, and be gunning the lower bay out of our 25ft Duck Water Boat for scoters and oldsquaw the next. As with any sucessful hunt the name of the game is scouting, our guides are on the water daily looking for birds. We do not go to the same spot every day and hope they show up, we find the birds and go to them. This is why we gun the entire bay, from October through the end of the season there will be birds using the Chesapeake Bay and we will work our hardest to be on them for your hunt. After the mornings hunt our guides do not simply go home and wait for the next morning they are commonly on the water till dark scouting for the next days hunt.

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