Upper Chesapeake Outfitters

 Body Booting

The Traditional Upper Bay Gunning Style


           Come experience the thrills and "in your face" action of Body Booting with Upper Chesapeake Outfitters. This traditional style of gunning provides you with the chance to harvest, divers, puddle ducks, and geese in the same outing. On this hunt you will be taken by boat to the flats of the upper bay. After a short boat ride your guides will set out a traditional spread of handmade decoys, v-boards, and stick ups to conceal your presence in the decoy spread. Once the decoy spread is set you will put on your waders or our Predator Gear dry suits and hop in the water. Once in the water you will stand behind large goose silhouettes or stick-ups as we refer to them. As the sun rises and the bay begins to come alive, the excitement begins to build. The birds will begin their morning flights to feed and land into the spread of decoys and hunters awaiting them. As the birds enter the spread, the shot is called and you will rise from your crouched position behind the stick-up and take aim at your trophy. It is typical to have many shots within 10-15 yards of your position. This hunt provides a truly unique experience that was made famous on the Chesapeake Bay. Come experience the thrills of body booting where it all began!