Upper Chesapeake Outfitters

Sea Duck Hunting 

Experience the Fast Paced Action of Seaducking


          Come experience the fast paced action of sea duck hunting on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. A typical sea duck hunt starts before daylight with you meeting your guide at the predetermined boat launch. Once at the boat launch, you will gather your gear for the day and load it in to our 25ft Duck Water Boat. Once you and your gear are safetly inside the boat we will leave the launch and begin our ride to the hunting grounds. Once we reach the hunting grounds the guide will deploy a spread of magnum scoter and oldsquaw decoys and we will wait for the morning flight to begin. As the sun begins to rise you will hear the sound of oldsquaw trading back and forth before you see them in the decoys. As we gain more visability the scoter and oldsquaw will begin to enter the decoy spread and you will begin to attempt to connect with your trophy sea duck. A selective hunter may have the opportunity to harvest the Chesapeake Slam (Oldsquaw, Common Scoter, Surf Scoter, White-Wing Scoter). At the conclusion of the hunt we will pick up the decoys and return to the launch and begin planning for the next days hunt!!!